The Canadian Who Allegedly Spammed Twitch Into Oblivion Got a Criminal Charge

Streaming giant Twitch went on the hunt in Canada last year for an unidentified man who clogged the service with hateful spam messages. Now they’ve allegedly got their man: Brandan Lukus Apple, who resides in the province of British Columbia. In 2017, spam messages sent using a service called ChatSurge flooded more than 1,000 Twitch […]

Hey, Hawaii: The Telecom Industry Lobbied Against Testing for Emergency Alert System

“BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” read an emergency push alert sent to the cell phones of people in Hawaii Saturday. It wasn’t a drill, but it was a mistake. Moments after the alert was issued, the Hawaii Emergency Management System tweeted that there was “NO missile […]

How Russia Says It Swatted Down a Drone Swarm in Syria

On the night of January 5, a swarm of explosives-laden small drones, apparently controlled by Syrian rebels, attacked two Russian bases in western Syria, the Kremlin confirmed on Thursday. Authorities claim that Russian defenses destroyed or disabled all of the drones before they inflicted any damage on the bases. But the threat from small, cheap, […]

Facebook Is Deprioritizing Our Stories. Good.

Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the New York Times that the social network will revamp its news feed to emphasize “meaningful interaction” between friends and family. As a result, the news feed will significantly decrease the number of posts you’ll see from news outlets such as Motherboard. Good. This move has been long-rumored, and […]

This Physicist Turned Time Crystals From a Theoretical Oddity to an Odd Reality

Look, I’m going to give it to you straight: time crystals are confusing as hell. They’re a new phase of matter that basically extends the rigid, periodic structure of crystals into the fourth dimension—time. Unlike normal crystals, you can’t hold a time crystal in your hand. Instead, they require a complex laboratory set up that […]

FBI Hacker Says Apple Are ‚Jerks‘ and ‚Evil Geniuses‘ for Encrypting iPhones

Ever since Apple made encryption default on the iPhone, the FBI has been waging a war against encryption, complaining that cryptography so strong the company itself can’t break it makes it harder to catch criminals and terrorists. On Wednesday, at the the International Conference on Cyber Security in Manhattan, FBI forensic expert Stephen Flatley lashed […]

Jeff Bezos Should Give Me Some Money

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos might be the poor man’s Elon Musk, but he’s also the richest person on the planet. According to the Bloomberg billionaire tracker, which is its own little slice of wealth-worshiping dystopia, Bezos’ net worth just topped $106 billion. The vast majority of his wealth is in Amazon shares, CNN noted, and […]

Study Finds Women and Minorities in STEM Are Discriminated Against, to the Shock of No One

Women and racial minorities face extreme levels of discrimination in science and technology fields, according to a nationwide study by Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan think tank. The report, which was released today, implies that highly-publicized diversity efforts—at technology companies, for instance—aren’t measurably combating systemic oppression in the workplace. In STEM (science, technology, engineering, and […]

Coinhive Says Meltdown Patches Didn’t Affect Monero Mining

Last week, researchers revealed the existence of Meltdown, one of two major security flaws that affects pretty much every modern computer and could allow attackers to gain access everything on those computers, including passwords and other sensitive personal information. After patches to fix this vulnerability were released, rumors circulated that the patches could significantly degrade […]

The Pilot Using Drones to Empower Marginalized Communities

Rhianna Lakin is a pilot working to improve the world with drone technology. She first became inspired to use drones for good causes when she was living in Indonesia in 2003. Illegal logging at the time resulted in a flash flood that killed hundreds of people. “It was the most horrific scene that I’ve ever […]

Nebraska Becomes the First Red State to Introduce Net Neutrality Bill After FCC Scrapped Federal Rules

The effort to revive net neutrality is full steam ahead after the Federal Communications Commission repealed federal rules last month. Even reliably red state Nebraska is bucking the GOP-led decision by introducing a bill to recreate net neutrality rules at the state level. On Friday, Democratic state Senator Adam Morfeld introduced a bill to adopt […]

Border Guards Looked Through Nearly 60 Percent More Electronic Devices in 2017 than in 2016

Remember last year, when there were all those reports of border guards forcing passengers to unlock their phones so they could search through them, for no apparent cause? That wasn’t some “fake news” hysteria: US Customs and Border Protection searched nearly 60 percent more devices last year than it did in 2016, according to data […]

The FCC Cited Zero of the 22 Million Consumer Comments in its 218-Page Net Neutrality Repeal

Roughly 22 million people submitted comments during the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality regulatory proceedings. Though there was widespread fraud in the process (many dead people filed anti-net-neutrality comments), the vast majority of them favored the rules that protected the free and open internet. Thursday, the FCC released its final rule repealing these protections: A […]

Trump Wants to Open Nearly All US Offshore Waters to Drilling

The Trump administration intends to open nearly all offshore waters to oil and gas drilling. A proposal unveiled by the Interior Department today cites leases in Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic waters—spanning 90 percent of the US outer continental shelf. The decision is already an unpopular one, and has been condemned by environmental groups that fear […]

Democrats Should Run on a Platform of Legalizing Weed

On Thursday, Attorney General and notable fun-hater Jeff Sessions announced the end of an Obama-era policy that paved the road for legal pot and instead opened the door for cannabis prosecution by US attorneys. According to the Associated Press, US attorneys will be able to decide how to devote federal resources to marijuana enforcement and […]

Silicon Valley’s Hypocritical Spirituality

On January 1, as we marched into a new year hopeful and hungover, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey laid one on thick. But his expression of performative spirituality came at the exact wrong time, the day before President Trump used Dorsey’s platform to send an especially harrowing threat to North Korea about US nuclear power. Hours […]

‚Bomb Cyclone‘ Is a Term Pulled From Deep in Meteorology Glossaries to Get Clicks

Interrupting your regularly scheduled scrolling through Twitter to hastily click on a post about “an extratropical surface cyclone whose central pressure fall averages at least 1 mb h−1 for 24 h” is a ridiculous proposal. But terms like BOMB CYCLONES, BOMBOGENESIS, and a WICKED COLD POLAR VORTEX adds clickability to weather that might otherwise be […]

A Visit to Facebook’s Recently Opened Center for Deleting Content

A version of this article originally appeared on Motherboard Germany. For the first time, Facebook granted journalists access to its new center in Essen, Germany for deleting content from its platform. In the five-story building, more than 400 employees are already deleting comments, photos, and videos that break Facebook’s rules. During this process, employees sometimes […]

Start The New Year With Newly Declassified Nuclear Test Footage

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory posted hundreds of declassified nuclear test footage on the organization’s YouTube channel over the past few months, with a new batch of 62 videos uploaded in mid-December. A team of archivists and software engineers led by LLNL weapon physicist Greg Spriggs is working to find and digitize thousands […]

Is Excessive Gaming a Disease? The WHO Is Considering Listing It as One

Anyone who’s ever lost an hour engrossed in Candy Crush can recognize that games have a distinctly addictive quality. But while it’s easy to throw around the word “addicted,” excessive gaming can be a real, serious, and sometimes deadly condition that millions of people—particularly young people—suffer from, and now the World Health Organization is considering […]