Have Data, Will Travel: Why Your Mobile Workforce Can’t Thrive Without Total Visibility

Companies don’t need another spreadsheet of dozens of data points that must be cobbled together; they require tools that can provide data with a purpose, pointing leadership toward actionable insights that can improve productivity and efficiency. Programováno od www.anarchista.xyz Hledejte NEJLEVNĚJI na HEURÉCE www.heureka.cz

Three Pitfalls to Avoid on Your Data Security Journey

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has shifted attention to the security and privacy of customer data. But more importantly, the regulation calls for enterprises to assess existing data security policies, processes and enforcement mechanisms — a practice that in my experience generally gets completed moments before an audit. Data Security Takes the […]

Security Pros Get an IBM Security Community They Can Call Their Own

When my dad fell ill last year, I was confronted with a bewildering set of new challenges for which I wasn’t prepared. What therapies were available? What kind of support would he need? How could I balance caring for him with my other responsibilities? I found answers to these questions and many other others in […]

Is Your Security Equipped to Bridge the Digital Transformation Divide?

Companies embrace the digital economy because it allows them to connect with more customers, devices and data than ever before. From a business perspective, this means making decisions quickly based on market opportunity and customer experience, as well as collaboration through the free flow of information. In this new economy, the imperative is to continuously […]

Hit by the Digital Wave? How Security and Compliance Leaders Can Become Future-Ready

Compliance is no longer the check-in-the-box activity that it was before. With the looming deadline of May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is getting a lot of attention. As technology becomes pervasive, regulators across the globe are making security and compliance regulations stringent — and the cost of noncompliance unbearable. For the first […]

Doctor, Lawyer or Cybercrime Fighter? Inspiring Youth Starts With Cybersecurity Career Awareness

The dreaded childhood question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Chances are you remember being asked this repeatedly throughout your childhood and adolescence. But how many of you actually knew in middle or high school what you wanted to be? Did you want to be a doctor, firefighter, police officer, lawyer […]

Privacy Laws and Cybersecurity Sleuthing: When Worlds Collide

Imagine you’re a cyberthreat investigator tasked with protecting the sensitive information of your customers. It’s a typical weekday afternoon when you notice suspicious network activity involving an unfamiliar domain. Something just doesn’t seem right about it, so you want to learn more about the domain before you decide if it is malicious. You want to […]

Identity Protection: The First Defense Against a Data Breach

Several new cybersecurity regulations that focus on establishing precise control of access to sensitive information will enter the playing field in 2018. While this is all well and good, fraudsters can easily bypass this approach. How? By stealing user identities. Security leaders must ask themselves some tough questions if they hope to achieve compliance before […]

The Security Operations Center Is Evolving Into a Risk Analytics Center

The mission of the security operations center (SOC) has historically focused on the coordination of a multilayered defense to detect, prevent and manage threats that could compromise the integrity of the technology infrastructure, business services or data. The security operations center framework allows users to stay ahead of emerging threats by analyzing security intelligence feeds, […]

Mobile Banking Trojans as Keen on Cryptocurrency as PC Malware

Recent research from IBM X-Force highlighted banking Trojan operators’ increasing interest in stealing cryptocurrency and analyzed a webinjection scheme the TrickBot Trojan used to deliver stolen coins to attackers’ wallets. This trend by no means skipped the mobile malware realm. Mobile malware dedicated to stealing cryptocurrency usually leverages malicious miners that infect devices to collect […]

Applying the ‘location, location, location’ strategy to data center placement

It might seem on paper like proximity is the key virtue enterprises need when locating their data center assets. However, proximity can lead to congestion, which can work against the goals of low latency. Download this white paper and find out how cu Programováno od www.anarchista.xyz Hledejte NEJLEVNĚJI na HEURÉCE www.heureka.cz

Pause for a Sec: Initiating Cultural Change for SecDevOps

Gone are the days when developers and operations worked in silos to test quality and build their software. The DevOps methodology, now implemented in over 50 percent of organizations, establishes a set of principles and practices for effective communication and collaboration. It’s no wonder that its popularity grew given the inevitable increase of high deployment […]

[Free E-Guide] Mitigate Your Business Risk Strategically With Cognitive Application Security Testing

Convenient Mobile Payments! Retail Therapy! Online Sales! But What About Application Security Testing? Mobile and web applications have become an integral part of daily life. We use multiple applications every day to conduct online commerce, complete financial transactions and simply read the news. Business users are bombarded by an even larger number of applications that […]

How the Age of the Cloud is Transforming Data Center Operations

Consider the life of an IT manager, ten years ago—before the rise of cloud computing from a business perspective. In the absence of virtualization, the conventional IT manager worked with entirely local assets, usually set up inside of an on-premise Programováno od www.anarchista.xyz Hledejte NEJLEVNĚJI na HEURÉCE www.heureka.cz

Beyond the Password Era: Changing Consumer Habits Signal the End Is Near

The death of the password has been rumored for years, but to this day it remains the primary way we identify ourselves online, with the average user now managing well over 100 accounts that require a password. Yet changing tides in the cybersecurity landscape, combined with evolving technology and consumer preferences, indicate that the end […]